About the Artist

Hello there, Welcome to my Kingdom! 

My name is Jessica and I am a Canadian animal artist based in BC, Canada.
I have been sewing actively since 2011 and opened Animal Art Kingdom in 2012!
Animals and art are my true passion.

As an artist, I find satisfaction in the ability to bring animals and art into one entity. By applying my skills of imagination and creativity, I can create just about any animal or creature. I use my best efforts to make each plush animal, a beautiful, high quality, and original piece of work.

For the most part, I focus on plush stuffed animals, albeit is not the only subject that I enjoy. I am fond of many different mediums, including acrylic and water-colour painting, digital painting and pixel art, sculpting... basically any art related media. Experimenting with new media is always a treat, helping me expand my skill set.


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