About the Artist

Hello there, Welcome to my Kingdom! 

My name is Jessica and I am a Canadian animal artist based in BC, Canada.
I have been sewing actively since 2011 and opened Animal Art Kingdom in 2012!
Animals and art are my true passion.

As an artist, I find satisfaction in the ability to bring animals and art into one entity. By applying my skills of imagination and creativity, I can create just about any animal or creature. I use my best efforts to make each tufted rug, a beautiful, high quality, and original piece of work.

When I first opened Animal Art Kingdom I was a plush creator, creating custom plush replicas of customers pets and characters. I enjoyed every plush I was creating but over time I slowly began to lose interest...

That is when I discovered rug tufting and found my new passion and new adventure!

My passion for creating plush animals has faded and I wasn't enjoying my work as much as I used to anymore. Looking for a fresh creative outlet, I stumbled upon handmade tufted rugs. The tactile joy of working with yarn and the freedom to create intricate designs revived my enthusiasm. What I love most is that rugs serve as a usable art medium, turning my creations into functional pieces that add beauty to everyday spaces. Crafting tufted rugs allows me to explore new artistic possibilities while still getting to replicate pets and other animals into handmade personal art pieces through creative tufting process. This new found love resulted in a departure from my plush-making days.

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