Terms & Policies

You must read my terms and policies before placing an order.

By placing an order you are agreeing to obey each and every policy and rule listed on this website!
Breaking any of these rules may result in consequences. 


All payments will be sent through Paypal or Etsy. (Unless otherwise stated or discussed.)

A mandatory 50% non-refundable deposit is required up front, to place an order and reserve a spot in queue.

There are two options of payment when placing an order;
50% (non refundable deposit) up front and the last 50% plus shipping costs on completion of the plush order 
full 100%(50% of this is your non-refundable deposit) up front and then shipping costs sent on completion of plush order.

A shipping cost will be calculated on completion of your order and the order must be paid in full before the package will be shipped out.

Taxes and Duties may be incurred through delivery. These customs fees are not included in your shipping cost and must be paid by you when you receive your package.

All prices listed are in Canadian Dollars(CAD).

CAD is accepted only. (Paypal or Etsy will determine your currency conversion for you.)

If I have not received full payment(including shipping costs) within 6 months of your order completion(and I cannot get in contact with you, or have not got a response) you are automatically forfeiting your order and no refunds will be made.

I have the right to re-sell any whole or parts of the order to compensate for lost time and work.



Any items bought from me is not to be re-produced or altered in any way, by any persons and/or company. Altering your item will void your warranty.

I will not take on any orders for licensed and/or copyrighted characters, which includes but not limited to Pokemon, My Little Pony, Disney characters. etc.

By purchasing a custom rug order, you are giving me permission to use your reference photos, to show off the rug representation as examples, as I see fit (In my Etsy store, on my website, on my social media pages etc.)

You will be kept up to date along the progress of your order. 

Most of my work in progress photos will be posted to any of my social media accounts listed here.



I ship to Canada and the United States only.
I ship all orders through Canada Post/USPS. You can track your package on either website depending on your location.

All orders sent out include a tracking number and appropriate insurance coverage.

Your order will not be shipped until full payment (including shipping cost) is received.

Shipping will take approximately 6-10 business days to ship to US and Canada. Allow up to 3 weeks to ship, before contacting me.
Taxes and Duties may be incurred through delivery. These customs fees are not included in your shipping cost and must be paid by you when you receive your package.

Make sure to provide a proper address where you will be able to receive the package.

If you plan on moving before or within the work time, make sure to contact me to have your package sent to the correct address at the correct time.

I will not be held responsible for damaged packages through the shipment process.

All packages dropped off at the post office by me are in clean and stable condition.

I can not control what goes on in the shipping process.

If your order arrives in a damaged state please read the Warranty/Repairs Section and then contact me to have the situation dealt with.

If the package is returned to me due to the following reasons...:
-If you fail to collect the package once it has been delivered.
-Wrong address provided by you
-You have moved addresses within shipment/transit time without notifying me.

YOU are resonsible to re-pay the shipping costs to have the package re-shipped to you.



If you must be cancel your order for any reason (before the plush has shipped), you will be refunded any payments made except the 50% non-refundable deposit.

I retain all rights and ownership to any work started or completed on a cancelled order. I have the right to re-use or sell anything completed so far (With exceptions of changing anything to not infringe on your character).

If you receive your order and you are not completely satified with it, you must contact me right away.

If there is a change that needs to be made, we can discuss how to go about shipping it back and having it fixed.

If you'd like a refund, contact me first and we can arrange to have your order shipped back.

In order to receive any type of refund, your order must be sent back in perfect condition, as I had sent it.



Vacuuming is one of the most effective and economical ways to keep your rug clean. Use a suction vacuum with the beater bar off. Brushes on a beater bar or rotary brush nozzles can twist or break tufted fibers, and turning it off helps to reduce wear and tear on your rug. 

If your vacuum has an adjustable suction option, set to a low level, and take time to run the vacuum over each area 3-5 times to clear dust, dirt and hair. 


For dry stains, carefully scrape and vacuum away dirt and stains. 

Remove wet stains by using a paper towel or undyed cloth to absorb the stain. Use lukewarm water and a cloth or sponge to dampen the stain, soak up the water with a cloth, and repeat until the stain fades. Avoid drenching the rug to preserve the glue binding holding the tufts in place.

On greasy or stubborn stains, use a ph-neutral and bleach free cleaner and follow the steps above. 


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